Monday, January 25, 2010

Huston Smith- Christianity

1. What is the Christ of Faith?
The Christ of faith is the persona or the qualities that made people want to follow his teachings. The main three reasons why people believed in Jesus and followed him were his actions, his teachings, and the type of person he was. He followed his teachings and helped people because it was the right thing to do. Although he performed many miracles, he did not try to emphasize them to the public and always tried to keep people focused on God instead of himself. Also, his teachings and the way he talked about them was different than anything people had experienced before. He made his teachings personal through things like parables and inviting people to listen to what he said instead of forcing them. his other quality that inspired faith in his followers was the way he carried himself and his lifestyle. He did not contradict his teachings through his actions and seemed to be a person who did not make decisions based off of his personal ego, but was focused completely on God. Through these qualities he made people want to emulate him and follow his teachings so they could be more like him.
2. What is the Good News?
The Good News is the quality of life that the early Christians experienced through embracing God's love, and the idea that anyone could lead the type of life they did. As the early followers of Christ travelled around the world preaching his teachings, people were astonished at how happy they were, because they had been released from their fear, guilt, and egos. It was evident that their lives had become filled with joy through first accepting Christ's teachings and love and then accepting God's love, and they preached this to many people in the world, which made more people want to follow what they were preaching. Although the early Christians had been persecuted and faced many problems, their joy and love towards God, each other and life was evident through their preaching and people wanted to have this lifestyle too.

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