Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Islam Part 3

Islam Part 3

1. (Jinns, Muhammad, Qur’an)

People believed in Jinns before Muhammad became a prophet and people saw Allah as a Jinn as well. When Muhammad received his message from Allah and became a prophet, he preached that Allah was actually God, instead of a Jinn and that he was the one and only God that existed. Muhammad dictated Allah’s messages, which were written down into the Qur’an, helping to spread the religion of Islam and this belief that Allah was not a Jinn, but was actually God.

2. (Shi’a, Ummah, Sunni)

Ummah is the worldwide community of Muslims, and although they are all connected in their devotion to Allah, there are divisions in their beliefs about Muhammad. Shi’a and Sunni Muslims disagree about who Muhammad left as a successor and who has authority over Islam. Sunni Muslims make up the majority of the followers of Islam, but the division in their beliefs has caused conflict in the Ummah since after Muhammad’s death, which was when the division first occurred.

3. (Tawhid, Yawmuddin, Shari’a, Sunna)

Tawhid states that Allah is unified and is the one and only God. Humans must follow Allah’s laws because if Allah is the only God, then following His laws is the only way to enter heaven during Yawmuddin. Muslims can follow and surrender to Allah by following Shari’a Law and living a life that is devoted to Allah. Another way that Muslims can follow Allah’s rules and regulations is through Sunna and by looking at the Hadiths for examples of how to act and the type of behavior that is conducive to staying devout and surrendering to Allah.

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