Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Religion for Dummies Chapter 1

1. Describe the reasons why people follow (or flock) to religion.
One of the reasons that people follow religion is because it offers hope in a world that seems otherwise hopeless. It also addresses solutions to daily problems in life and large problems that all people experience and also questions that can not be answered. Also religion offers the possibility of finding long term joy in life instead of short term joy that is achieved through the material parts of life. Religion also offers a system of morals, and allows people to be happy with their lives by doing the right things and having good morals. Also, it addresses the question of suffering and most religions have a solution to end suffering. Also along with mental or spiritual health, some religions improve physical health through practices like yoga.
2. Compare and contrast religion, philosophy and spirituality.
Religion is different from philosophy because it includes rituals and philosophy does not. Also, philosophy uses reason and religion uses reason and revelations and guidance from a higher power, for example, religions believe in miracles which go beyond reason, while philosophies only use reason. Spirituality is different from religion because it is a connection to ultimate reality, but does not necessarily follow the same guidelines that religions follow like rituals and and ethics.

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