Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ways of Knowing Assignment

Sense Perception: What is it? Why or how is it a way of knowing?
Sense perception is when you know something through seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, or tasting it. Basically, it is knowing something using your senses. It is a way of knowing because you can not know anything if you never sense it. If all of a person's senses were turned off for their entire life, they would never be able to know anything because their brain would never even recognize it.

Language: What is it? Why or how is it a way of knowing?
Language is any method of communicating between people or animals. It doesn't neccesarily have to be a spoken language, just something that can communicate what a person is trying to get across. If language did not exist, a person would not even be able to express what they know, and a lot of the things that we know are communicated to us by someone else. I think that Language is secondary to sense perception, you have to have sense perception to have language and to have a reason for using language.

Reason: What is it? Why or how is it a way of knowing?
Reason is using logic to understand or know something. I think you have to combine language and sense perception in reason and you use reason to know more about these and understand them more. For example, if you see something but you do not know what it is, you would use reason to figure it out.

Emotion: What is it? How or why is it a way of knowing?
You know something through emotion because it drives you to want to know and understand things. Also, sometimes you can only really know things through understanding how they feel emotionally, like what it feels like to be happy or sad.

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