Sunday, October 4, 2009

TOK Essay Outline

Thesis- Sense perception plays the largest role in knowledge of various topics than other ways of knowing.
-Go over all the different ways of knowing and areas of knowing.

Point 1:
For all of the other ways of knowing to exist, sense perception must exist.
-examples of emotion, reason, and language and how the correspond with sense perception.

Point 2:
Although a few areas of knowing rely on sense perception less than others, it is still the way of knowing they use the most.
mathematics, & spirituality

Point 3:
The only knowledge that can be independent of sense perception is metaphysical and synthetic knowledge.
metaphysical usually imvolves emotion although it can use sense perception.
Synthetic does not always require sense perception.

-restate thesis
-go over & summarize points
-importance of sense perception in knowledge.

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