Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Year of Living Biblically Part I

1. The author embarks on this journey to discover his spirituality and see if by doing exactly what the Bible says, he can connect with religion. I think he expects some kind of epiphany at the end, but he also keeps himself very distant from the process, seeing himself as an observer instead of being involved in the religion. The questions he is trying to answer evolve as he learns more about the Bible and each rule poses new questions for him to try to answer. For example, when he gets his clothes inspected, he asks why there are rules that do not make any sense, yet people still follow them.
2. In the introduction he says that he assembles a team of spiritual guides of rabbis, ministers, and priests. The two that he first talks to are Reverend Richards, and Rabbi Andy Bachman because he was not sure that his plan would work, and they helped to assure him that he could do this. He meets with a few other people, like the Amish man who runs the inn that he stays at, and the man who checks his clothes for mixed fibers. He enlists their help because he needs advice about what is important from people who have been following the Bible for most of their lives.

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