Wednesday, November 18, 2009

World Religions Month 5

Quote 1:
"And you shall not strip you vineyard bare, neither shall you gather the fallen shall leave them for the poor."
-Leviticus 19:10
The meaning behind this quote is that everyone should help people who are less fortunate than them. It also means that people should not be greedy and take everything for themselves, they should leave some of their food and possessions to the poor. Jacobs does this by trying to drop money on the ground, which does not really work, because most people are not used to someone dropping money and leaving it there. In the modern world this is the same thing as the idea of donating extra money to charities or volunteering to help the poor. Jacobs also says that the idea of "gleanings," or giving to the poor, has been called the "first welfare system." Today, we have government systems and non-profit organizations that are all based off of the idea that a person should give what they have left over to the poor.

Quote 2:
"You shall rise up before the grayheaded and honor the aged."
-Leviticus 19:32
This quote means that a person should honor people who are older than them and respect and take car of them. Although Jacobs takes the part of the quote that says "you shall rise up before the grayheaded" literally, I don't think that applies to modern society, because most people do not stand up every time that an elderly person entires the room. I think that this quote does not really apply to modern society because most people forget to follow this rule. When someone is a child, they are usually taught to respect people who are older than them, but usually people do not actually take care of the people in their family. Although some families take care of them, usually older people are sent to homes for elderly people and sometimes barely ever see their families. Although a lot of people do not follow this rule to the fullest extent that they can, most respect those who are older than them and honor them to some extent.

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