Friday, November 27, 2009

Year of Living Biblically Month 6

1. Jacobs says that the red heifer idea is potentially dangerous because some people would view it as a sign to build a third temple, which would have to be built over one of the most important Mosques in Islam which could cause a war between Muslims, Jews, and possibly Christians because it is an important site in Christianity as well.
2. Now that he is halfway through his spiritual journey, he can look back on what has happened and the progress that he has made and I think he feels like he hasn't made as much progress as he wants to because he has had so many high and low points. I think he also feels distanced from God partly because he still isn't sure about what he believes and also partly because he has lived his life in a completely rational mindset. His dilemma is that he doesn't know how to get out of that mindset and accept his experiences so far with God so he eventually starts doubting all of the meaningful experiences he has had so far.
3. Jacobs says that the Bible is like wikipedia because there is a theories that many people wrote it, instead of just a few. This makes it like wikipedia because people don't know who all the authors are, and it was compiled over a long period of time. I agree with his argument, because if that theory is true, then it has a lot of similarities with wikipedia, but I don't think that it is exactly like wikipedia because a person still had to be extremely important and powerful to write part of the Bible compared to wikipedia, which anyone can write in.

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