Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Huston Smith Assignment 3

7. What is the role of revelation?

In Judaism, revelation is the reason that people of Jewish faith have been able to find so much meaning in certain areas of their life, such as history, morality, justice, and suffering. They did not seek meaning in these areas, instead God showed it to them by revealing it to them. The first time the God revealed something to them was in Exodus where he showed them his power, goodness and concern for history. The meaning in other areas of their life followed after the first revelation in Exodus. Part of the idea of revelation is that God revealed these things to them on purpose, because He wanted them to know these things and be able to search for a deeper meaning in life.

8. What is the concept of the “chosen people”?

The concept of the “chosen people is that the Jewish people were chosen by God to suffer for the rest of the world and teach everyone a lesson or redeem the rest of the world through their actions. The idea of being chosen by God does not mean that they are egotistical and think they are special, by accepting the idea of being the “chosen people” they are denying that their continued existence in the world was because of themselves, but that the only reason they survived was because of God.

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