Tuesday, December 1, 2009

YOLB Month 7

1. Based on what Yossi said, religion is about serving God as well as helping yourself. Throughout the year, Jacobs has been hoping that this project will help him figure out what he believes and he keeps using the Bible as a "self help book," to improve himself but he has never really thought about what he should be doing for God. It is okay for him to look at religion to improve himself and live a better life, but he should have some amount of selflessness in his journey.

2. Jacobs says that he has always thought the parts of the Bible that talk about "praising the lord" are strange and he can't really connect with them or understand them. When he is sitting in Jerusalem, he has a realization about this problem that he has had when he realizes that praising God takes people outside of themselves for a minute to appreciate how amazing God is. It's hard for humans to not be prideful, but praising God takes you outside of being prideful of yourself because He created everything which is beyond what any human is capable of doing. This helps him reconcile the problem that he previously had because now he understands why those parts of the Bible are important, and it also relates to what Yossi was telling him, that religion should be mainly about God and putting him above yourself.

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